Toopro is a collaborative platform forming a network of business lawyers serving investors, project leaders, French, nationals of member countries of the European Union or abroad. French law is complex and the creation of a business requires support from a legal professional in order to guarantee the security as well as the interests of the business. The commercial activity of a company in France and abroad requires supervision by a lawyer familiar with the various international laws.
Most entrepreneurs and project leaders do not know how to find new clients without feeling like they are chasing them and wasting their time? To avoid this, my team and I take charge of their communication and marketing by creating automatic sequences for the sale of their products and services. Thus they have marketing and communication strategies that require very little intervention to attract customers in order to quickly gain their financial independence, have more time for themselves, their loved ones, their families, devote themselves to the satisfaction of their customers and clients. things that matter most to them. We fundamentally believe that entrepreneurs are people who change the world, who change lives. When a person chooses to risk everything to try to make their dreams come true, we consider that we have a duty to put all our expertise at their service in order to help them.
Hi, I am Alexandre Bédard and I will help you improve the results of your advertising campaigns! It's been several years that you delegate the management of your marketing, that you are sold of the dream, but that you never see any difference? It's normal, most agencies sell you the same poutine they apply to all the 2000+ other businesses they work with. NOTHING personalized that will help you get concrete results in your advertisements. On top of that, are you caught in a year-round contract with them, and that, even if you're not satisfied? Or maybe you are one of the more self-taught entrepreneurs who ended up choosing the option of doing everything on their own. On the other hand, you quickly realized that your specialty is not digital marketing and you can no longer know where to put your head in terms of marketing? Don't worry! It's finish! You will no longer have to experience this problem. What I am offering you today is to become autonomous in your web marketing and to assemble all this great puzzle for you.
I started my social media and took drawing seriously in 2019 and hope to improve myself a lot more by making orders for people! I'm more comfortable with the characters and the character design, but I'm willing to try other things as long as we negotiate. My style is very similar to the anime. I SPEAK ENGLISH