5 Conseils-clés d’organisation pour mieux vivre son business !

5 Key organizational tips for better living your business!

Days that end at 11:00 p.m.? Weekends spent at work? A permanent sense of urgency and the feeling of never doing the right things at the right time?

You might have a little organizational problem in your life as a business leader, what do you say?

A good business manager organization is an essential factor of success and serenity. Conversely, a lack of organization can become a serious obstacle, as well to your life balance only to the good management of your business.

The good news ? Bad organization is not inevitable! I suggest five levers of action to help you restore order, clarity and pleasure in your daily entrepreneur.

1. Analyze your problems as a business owner

Caught in the whirlwind of everyday life, you find it difficult to take a step back from your behavior as a leader. So my first tip is this: take a break and watch yourself in action.

Nobody is perfect. By observing yourself without making excuses, you will notice the flaws, the reflexes, the bad habits that make you waste time and efficiency.

For example, do you run up as soon as one of your collaborators asks you something… because you are afraid that he is doing something stupid? Do you refuse to delegate many tasks and end up in fact work overload ?

This example of an organizational problem, among many others, inevitably leads to business management issues wider. So if it takes days or even weeks to send a quote to a client, you run the risk of losing a contract you were likely to get. The consequences of poor business management are therefore also those of poor personal organization of the manager.

Of course, it is not easy to be objective with yourself, even when you have the will to improve. It requires stepping out of your comfort zone and confronting realities that can be unpleasant. That is why external help, such as that of a coach, is often essential.

2. Develop a realistic and relevant business manager's schedule

You probably have a daily and weekly to-do list. It's a minimum, but a to do list is useless if it does not define your priorities.

I suggest you integrate what is called the Eisenhower matrix to your organization as a business leader. It is a method of classification of tasks :

  • urgent and important: to be treated immediately;
  • urgent but not very important: to be delegated;
  • not very urgent but important: to postpone in time to a specific date, to deal with it within a reasonable time;
  • neither urgent nor important: to be left pending or to be classified.

I advise you to revisit this to-do list every week and every month. Thus, you define in your schedule weekly objectives and monthly objectives. Urgent tasks necessarily take place in the current week. When you have a little time on your hands, you can move forward on low-priority but important monthly type goals.

This allows you to define a really efficient work schedule. If, at least, you can stick to this schedule without procrastinate ! 😉

A schedule that clarifies the priorities is of great help to you in the day-to-day management of your business.

3. Build a good environment and a good work organization

The planning of an entrepreneur is not everything. It must be part of a more global organization.

For example, the holding meetings and appointments. Limit them to only essential maintenance. Avoid all meetings in which you are not essential: instead, be represented if necessary. When you receive someone, set a time limit and, while remaining benevolent and courteous, get to the point!

Manage your emails the same way, with rigor and simplicity. Immediately deal with those that do not require thought and only a few lines of response. Classify the others and come back to them with a rested head. I advise you to book only one daily email management session, or even less if you can. Nothing is more time-consuming than consulting your box several dozen times a day.

Finally, even if it seems trivial, tidy up your desk. A workspace in which one searches for a file for 30 minutes is not a guarantee of efficiency. You have better things to do!

4. Adapt your organization as a business leader to your biological rhythm

Do you know the flow theory (or theory of flow in English) ? She says you're much more efficient when you perform at your peak. A bit like the great sportsmen who accomplish exploits when they feel totally "in the moment".

The same goes for business leaders. There are times when you “feel” things. You are then more efficient. You are able to complete in an hour a case that you would have taken an entire afternoon, or even a day or more, to process in a less suitable period. When we do not feel in tune with the moment, not only do we procrastinate, but ideas and instinct are simply lacking.

It also means respect your biological clock internal. Are you more of the morning, afternoon, or even evening?

It is also very important that your skills are in phase with the tasks you assign to yourself. We come to one last point that often makes business leaders cringe: automation and delegation!

5. Learn to delegate and automate in the company

There is no secret. If the personal organization of the entrepreneur is often very complicated to set up, it is because you are asking yourself too much. You want to do it all.

Going back to the previous point, it is difficult to achieve flow with tasks that bother you deeply or for which, on the contrary, you do not have the required skills. It's important to trust experienced employees for certain operations, such as marketing, technical management of a website, etc.

Remember to prioritize in your schedule: some tasks need to be delegated, especially urgent and unimportant tasks.

Of course, you must keep the possibility of controlling the work done by making points with your collaborators, especially at the beginning of the delegation. But think of it as a real added value : your teams will bring a fresh perspective and different perspectives that you would not necessarily have thought of. In addition to considerably freeing up your schedule!

Some tasks can even be completely automated !

All this is not easy to get people to accept. business leaders very invested in their business. An outside perspective, which helps to take the stages smoothly, is then very precious!

An entrepreneurship coach helps you build a personal organization by working on your (bad) habits as well as your psychological blockages.

Do you already see flaws in your organization as a business leader? Are you ready to face them for gain in life balance, serenity and efficiency in your business ?

Motivation is a powerful weapon. Through entrepreneurial coaching, you are using this resource to move in the right direction. I suggest you discover my method of entrepreneur time management. It is based on both factual elements (theimprovement of the entrepreneurial organization) and psychological elements (the lifting of psychological blockages and the development of a new mindset).
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