Pourquoi faut-il développer une stratégie marketing en ligne ?

Why should you develop an online marketing strategy?

This is not a scoop: we buy more and more on the Web. Even in physical stores, it is not uncommon to see customers pulling out their smartphones to search for product information or compare prices. Traditional shops that do not offere-commerce and service providers not online are therefore also concerned by the Digital Marketing. Definition ? In fact, it is exactly the same as classic marketing. A digital marketing strategy involves a series of campaigns and actions aimed at achieving business goals. You must also coordinate this digital strategy with your entrepreneurial strategy overall. In this article, I invite you to take a closer look at the three online marketing goals : gain leads and prospects, spend from prospect to client then retain customers.

To generate leads

This is the first objective of a good strategy of Digital Marketing. Your goal is to attract prospects to you. And, for that, the key is Internet visibility.
By developing on the Internet, you give yourself the opportunity to communicate about your news, your products, your services… and to convince people of your expertise and your added value. This is true if you have chosen to create an online business, but also if you have a physical store (without e-commerce) or if you are an offline service provider (for example, an architect). So, that you are not selling anything on the web. Your online presence allows you to make yourself known beyond your circle and reach a clientele that you would never have been able to reach in normal times, because they simply do not have the same buying habits and the same profile than your regular customers.
The first objective is therefore to attract prospects (future customers!) To its site, whether it is an e-commerce, a company site or a blog. In the lingo it is said that you must gain traffic to your site.

How to attract prospects? It is not enough to have a great website. Internet users still need to find it. If you had to open the most beautiful showroom, would you place it in the heart of Paris or at the top of the Andes? I guess your priority would be to have lots of visitors. On the Internet, it's the same. You must be visible and accessible, and this is possible through the online advertising, the content creation with the SEO and the social networks.

Online advertising

This method is a continuation of traditional advertising andoutbound marketing. Just as you may be planning to invest in flyers or magazine ad inserts, there you are going to buy “space” on the web. In effect, you can:

  • buy keywords sure Google ads, which gives you the option of appearing in the results of the famous search engine asadvertisement ;
  • invest in social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, etc. depending on the media most relevant to your field of activity).

Content creation

Let's say this is a method of finding leads "for free" (but I'm putting quotes around for free, because it takes time and skill!).
The idea here is to offer Internet users high added value content in the form ofgoods, of videos, ofinfographics, etc. This allows you:

  • to show your expertise;
  • to create the link with the prospect;
  • to appear in search engine results thanks to natural reference (SEO).

This is a good reason for Create a blog and / or a Youtube channel. This approach is very effective when it comes to gradually building your e-reputation. This is also one of the main objectives of online marketing. Please note, your site must be responsive to provide comfortable navigation for mobile users.

Social networks

Developing your presence on social networks allows you to build a relationship with your audience and generate leads, who will then become prospects, then customers. It is a long-term job that must be anticipated by setting intermediate objectives. We must indeed be in continuous growth, both in terms of number of subscribers than'engagement on publications. Thus, you gain visibility with the relatives of your subscribers, and so on.

To note : the more visibility you have on the web, whether on search engines or social networks, the more you gain: it's a virtuous circle. The algorithms, both from FB and from Google and others, are designed to highlight what is appreciated by Internet users, therefore what is shared, commented, what the web links point to, the pages on which Internet users stay the longest, the most visited sites, etc.
This means one thing: that you shouldn't just focus on form. Once you have attracted the prospect, make them want to stay with you thanks to a quality background (informative content, services, products). Which leads me to approach the second objective of your digital marketing strategy : the customer conversion.

To convert prospects to customers

It's great to have traffic, but you have to convert it to generate revenue. Convert leads into customers, go from lead to prospect then to customer, all this does not happen overnight. You have made great efforts to attract the Internet user to you: now guide them in their purchasing journey. Online marketing is also used for that!

A targeted prospect

Here is a point that must be clarified: the online marketing strategy requires as much, if not more targeting than traditional marketing. On the Internet, it is really the reign ofinbound marketing. This is the reverse of the giant poster plastered on a building that shows everyone an advertisement for the latest razor (including those who don't give a damn about the razor in question: women, children and bearded men. ). On the web, you have to be the friend to whom the surfer asks for advice when they choose. You are dealing with an active prospect who often knows what he wants and searches for it on the Internet. Be the one who will have the answer to his problem!

trouver des prospects qualifiés

Of course, there is no question of trying to solve the problems of all Internet users on the web. It is necessary find qualified prospects by offering relevant content on your site, YouTube channel, FB page, etc. This requires knowing precisely your customer segment (identified when you designed your business plan) and have defined buyer persona.
Do not underestimate the importance of this point. If you don't know who you are talking to, you are not going to work on the right keywords, and ultimately you risk disappointing people who click on your pages in search engines. For example, if you sell fruits and vegetables, don't drift off to ornamental flowers or gardening supplies.
Having "hot" prospects will also allow you to have much better results during your e-mailing campaigns. (Another useful tool when it comes to achieving digital marketing goals!)

An optimal user experience

Your prospect is targeted and presto! you have been able to attract him to your blog, your e-commerce, etc. It's up to you to do everything to keep it. This involves many details, which aim to make your site comfortable and pleasant to use:

  • of product and service descriptions very precise (remember that the prospect cannot touch the clothes you sell online, nor can they visually check the color of the tiles they want to buy!);
  • of tools for comparing products or services ;
  • a intuitive search tool...

All these elements participate in making what is called the pleasant and practical.user experience (UX). If you have a website presenting your physical store, you can also take advantage of it to improve their buying journey. You can offer a online booking, of collection in store, etc.

Easy contact

We do not realize the number of leads lost due to a fault in navigation ... Your site may have a superb design, but the Contact form is it easy to find? Is there a chatbot ? Can we ask to be called back? Is the phone number listed on all pages? So many questions to ask.
Prospects are also lost… when they are not called back. Some Internet users develop a mistrust of the forms after being asked several "bunnies". If you put a contact form, respond to requests within 24 hours maximum. You haven't put all of that visibility, networking, and content creation effort into letting prospects get lost in nature so stupidly, do you?

To retain customers, the last of the objectives of online marketing

Customer conversion is essential. Most companies put a lot of effort into this, and of course you need to build this goal into your digital marketing strategy. But between retain and conquer, should you choose? Retaining a customer costs less than prospecting and often turns out to be much easier. In addition, satisfied customers are the best ambassadors to recommend your business, especially on the Internet where social networks, consumer groups, bloggers can praise or destroy a brand in just a few words. So think about the customer loyalty in your marketing online.

How to retain a customer via the Internet? Here are some ideas.

Talk to customers

It might sound obvious, but one of the best means of customer loyalty is to address them! However, we often tend to write articles for prospects; shoot videos to talk to prospects; to propose offers to prospects. Of course you have to do it, but also think about retain existing customers through web content that will be specifically dedicated to them.

Thank customers

Offer them exclusive offers via email. Nothing is more annoying for an old customer than to see tempting offers to attract new ones flourish when he receives nothing at all in exchange for his loyalty, as if he was conquered forever. A phenomenon which is perhaps not for nothing in the slightest loyalty of consumers to the major brands of recent decades.
Develop a Loyalty program. This system has been proven for a long time and it adapts very well to online marketing. Loyalty points to be exchanged for a gift or a reduction are always a pleasure.

Make the customer's life easier

This is also one of the goals of online marketing. A customer loyalty strategy on the web goes through small technical details to integrate on your site:

  • the creation of a customer account access which summarizes the customer's information and history (orders, wish list, etc.);
  • a digital order logistics follow-up, with sending emails to inform the customer of the receipt of the order, the sending of the package, etc. ;
  • the automation of contextualized and personalized emails (birthdays, cart abandonment, appointment reminders, etc.).

Be at the client's service

The Internet is fabulous because it makes it very easy to access consumer opinions, whether on social networks, professional directories, blogs, etc. Take advantage of it by developing a particular listening to your customers who express themselves on the web. Also ask them directly for their opinion!

  • Develop a after sales service hyper-responsive on social networks and / or via chatbot (you can for example retain restaurant customers or a leisure park by systematically thanking those who leave positive reviews and by responding courteously to comments on your FB page and / or your site).
  • Ask your customers for their opinion after each order and on each product, ideally by calling on an independent organization such as Verified Reviews for more transparency. You will be able to display ratings and comments on your product pages.
  • Organize ad hoc surveys by email to check if you are meeting your objectives in terms of customer satisfaction.

The customer loyalty is a goal of your online marketing strategy that is definitely worth working on!

fidélisation des clients

We saw together what were the objectives of a good digital communication and a Web marketing efficient. Attracting the prospect, converting him into a customer and then building customer loyalty are the three essential steps that will allow you to build and develop your turnover. Interested in learning more about the goals of online marketing for your business? Contact me, we will discuss it during a discovery call!

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