Mindset de l’entrepreneur | Les fondamentaux pour réussir

Entrepreneur's mindset | The fundamentals for success

The winning state of mind

Theentrepreneurship is not an easy world. It comes and goes. One day you see orders pouring in, the next day you experience customer criticism or supplier defection. How to sustain yourself and succeed in such unstable conditions? Beyond your skills and your interpersonal skills, the key to success lies in your mindset, in French the state of mind. Have the right mindset is essential. He's the one who keeps you going, especially when you're in the bottom of the wave. In this article, I give you the definition of the entrepreneur's mindset and, above all, I explain how to develop it to maximize your chances of success in your business.

What is the mindset?

The mindset, what is it exactly?
Mindset is the English translation of the word "state of mind". The dictionaries translate it sometimes by "mentality", sometimes by "way of seeing things". It is a strong term that is currently much associated with entrepreneurship (entrepreneurial mindset). and personal development. The mindset is how you will approach the things that happen to you. This is also how you will initiate them! It's your psyche, your mindset, your way of thinking.
Theimportance of state of mind is essential when you decide to create your business. Skill, tools and even talent are not enough, even if they are necessary. The success in entrepreneurship is a clever mix of interpersonal skills, know-how (i.e. skills) and mindset. And the latter is far from being incidental, on the contrary: most successful entrepreneurs mention above all the internal, mental, moral and psychological resources that they had to mobilize to build their business.
How to have a good mindset when we start a project? Is it possible to develop this mindset of success portrayed by Bill Gates, Steve Jobs et al ?

The entrepreneur's vision: the heart of the mindset

It is not easy to imagine yourself as a business owner and a self-employed person, especially when you come from a salaried background. Theentrepreneurial spirit has its peculiarities. When you give up an employee job to become self-employed, you give up a fixed salary, which falls on a regular date without catching you unawares. You say goodbye to supervisors who give you direction and take responsibility for their choices if things don't work out. You acquire independence, yes, but also all the responsibilities that go with it. It's exhilarating. Scary and exhilarating. Going from employee to entrepreneur status requires a change of mindset therefore! You are probably asking yourself: am I capable of it?
Of course, there is a part of temperament in the mindset of the entrepreneur. However, the key to success lies above all in your motivation. And this motivation comes from your project and your conviction to wear it and defend it against all odds.

vision de l'entrepreneur

Just wanting to make money is rarely enough. You have to love and be convinced of the value of what you are doing. It may come from the desire to improve the lives of those close to you or to change your life by getting out of the daily grind. Maybe you want to finally realize your dream of being a digital nomad or on the contrary to work from home without constraints. Maybe you've even designed a product or a project that will transform the lives of tens, hundreds, thousands of people - why not?
Well, this is where it all starts. By a deep goal that makes you want to get up in the morning to start your day. It does not matter then whether you are shy or daring, lonely or very sociable, independent or easily influenced. Your entrepreneurial vision gives you a ambition, high goals, a growth mindset that force you to empower yourself to succeed. From there, you will realize that you have potential, certainly unsuspected, and that you are able to do things that you would never have dared to attempt before. Even and especially in hard knocks, your vision keeps you motivated and focused.

The four pillars of a good mindset

Vision, ambition, motivation, in short, willpower is your driving force. She is the one who drives everything else. However, a good mindset also has four components that must be cultivated to be successful in your business.

Optimism and a positive spirit

Even when we have a dream, we often find good reasons not to start. You may be telling yourself that you don't have any money. No time. That this is not the right time. That you lack networks, skills, experience… Stop! When you face unforeseen events, you have to change your perspective.

  • Don't have any money? That's good, the goal is to win. And then maybe there are funding sources that can help you?
  • Now is not the right time? In fact, there will never be a better one! Tomorrow, your spouse may be unemployed, or you may have a child, or you will have a loan, or one of your parents will fall ill, or you will decide to quit smoking… The correct answer to the question " When to start a business ? ", It is" Right away! ".
  • Do you lack contacts, skills, experience? Get trained! Subscribe to specialized social networks, visit forums, go to trade shows and start building your network.

This is the entrepreneur's mindset. A positive mindset. How to change your mindset to succeed ? Start by believing in yourself and your project and see opportunities where everyone else sees difficulties.

Patience and determination

Succeed in your business may be long. You may have to wait a long time to see the views explode on your Youtube channel. Perhaps the first sales of your products will be late. You may need to approach 15 banks before getting a financing deal. Stay confident. Your project is well worth it, you know it better than anyone. Either way, time alone can build a sustainable business model and that's what you're aiming for.
You will have to overcome obstacles: banks and partners to convince, customers to find, skepticism of your loved ones, too, who may be afraid for you if you leave a salaried job. Not to mention the sometimes difficult economic context. The life of an entrepreneur is not a long quiet river! The determination to succeed will make you bounce back where others fail.

Organization and sense of responsibility

The mindset of those who are successful in their business is not only made up of cold determination and a desire to win. As a business owner, you lead the boat alone. Your customers, your collaborators, your employees count on you. It takes a certain amount of disciplined and of rigor.
Assign yourself Goals. Focus on working, but don't exhaust yourself: find the right rhythm. You have the right to delegate and this may even be advisable in some cases. Develop your confidence in the skills of those who have a better understanding of certain aspects of the business than you. However, never forget that it is you, and you alone, who are at the helm!
A good mindset is open to growth, so don't rest on your laurels. Train regularly to stay up to date in your field, because skills remain essential. Take advantage of your status as an independent entrepreneur to choose your own developing and acquire new specialties and expertise by responding to your desires and your curiosity.


Yes ... The mindset of success also involves courage. This does not mean that you have no right to be afraid. This means that you are going to have to overcome your fears. You are going to take risks and step out of your comfort zone more than once. It might seem overwhelming at first… until you have done it. Then you will find that nothing (or not much) is impossible for you.

Entrepreneur's mindset: some quotes

How to improve your mindset? How to acquire a development mindset who will allow you to face difficulties and persevere? Certain exercises help work on your mindset. I suggest here a little simple trick, a habit to put in place today to block limiting thoughts and increase your self-confidence and your faith in your project. Every day, write a motivating sentence down on a piece of paper and paste it on your screen or in a place you often see in front of you when you work. The positive mindset quotes are not lacking and they have a significant impact on your state of mind. Here is a little anthology!

mindset de l'entrepreneur citations

“I never lose. Either I win or I learn. " (Nelson Mandela)

“There is something worse in life than not being successful, and that is not trying. " (Franklin Roosevelt)

“Failure gives us the opportunity to start over smarter. " (Henry Ford)

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. " (Winston Churchill)

“I haven't failed. I just found 10,000 solutions that don't work. " (Thomas Edison)

“Stubbornness is the path to success. " (Charlie Chaplin)

“We are often without failures only because without ambition. " (Robert Sabatier)

“Patience is the key to success. " (Bill Gates)

“Failure is the foundation of success. " (Lao Tzu)

“You have to aim for the moon, because at least if you fail you will end up in the stars. " (Oscar Wilde)

As you can see, developing an appropriate state of mind is essential when launching your activity. So don't just think about market research, numbers and customer profile: develop your entrepreneurial mindset too. If you want others tips for finding and keeping motivation during your business creation, contact me !

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