Self-building can be a long and complex road without proper support. In this context, it may be useful to have a guide with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve your goals. This is all the usefulness of a coach like Fabrice: he will provide you with the framework and the method allowing you to make your desires a reality. It has been a real pleasure to work with him and I really felt the effectiveness of his approach, session after session. The first step is always the most difficult to take, but you never regret taking it, so don't hesitate.


Stress, the enemy of the entrepreneur

The numbers say it: stress affects 70 % of business leaders (2019 figures). 6 % of them even declare that they feel overwhelmed by this stress on a daily basis.

And you ?

The stress of the entrepreneur is a plague. I myself experienced it during the creation of my first company. On the menu, an explosive mix for the good management of a business:

  • insomnia ;
  • bad mood and impatience ;
  • demoralized and motivation drop.

All this without counting the side effects:

  • the deterioration of the atmosphere at work, which inevitably plays on the productivity and the quality ;
  • the repercussions on the body, who cash in and vainly tries to alert us with a whole bunch of small (or big) health concerns.

The causes of entrepreneurial stress

But by the way ... why are you stressed out?

I see two root causes for this.

The challenges of the entrepreneur

The perspective of the future gives entrepreneurs gray hair. This is especially true for leaders who have families and children. The stakes seem enormous and the risk-taking sometimes makes you dizzy.

In the short term, this fear manifests itself in cash flow concerns.

In the long run, this is the cessation of activities which feeds the stress of the entrepreneur.

Why ?

In fact, it all plays out in the oldest part of your head, the one that was in charge in the prehistoric era. Back when the dangers were much more vital. This is called the reptilian brain. This reptilian brain hates risks. As soon as you pick one up, he tries to distract you from it by predicting all possible and imaginable catastrophes to you.

It's not easy to fight against yourself in this kind of case!

Overwork and lack of time

Stress is also closely linked to the question of time andlife balance. And, in this area, business leaders have great progress to make.

My personal experience, but also my passion for personal development, led me to take a great interest in this subject. I know from having lived it that, when you have a business, we are investing 200 %. Without restraint, without barrier, without guardrail. We do not spare our efforts and we do not count our hours.

Finally, we meet again work overload. We can't do everything we want (or, in any case, do it well). And, in addition, we are frustrated, because we spend all our time working without ever enjoying the fruits of our efforts. Family life, friends and leisure are sacrificed.

Stress loves to settle in the head of an overbooked business manager.

All of these factors must be taken into account when managing entrepreneurial stress.

How to fight against stress?

I think you are aware of it: adopt a good stress management is essential for the entrepreneur.
Yes, but easier said than done! How do you go about it exactly?

As far as I'm concerned, I work around three axes:

  • the managing emotions ;
  • the developing a good mindset ;
  • the management of time.

Work on emotion management

The exercise ofentrepreneurship brings with it a host of different emotions. Some are positive: pride, adrenaline, joy, etc. But the others, you would do well: the anger, theworry, impatience, frustration, weariness ...

Managing stress necessarily involves dealing with these stubborn emotions.

I noticed that some entrepreneurs were really haunted by stress. It prevents them from doing anything. You can't build a business on such a crumbly foundation. It's like trying to build a castle on quicksand!

Gestion des émotions pour un entrepreneur
mindset de l'entrepreneur

Improve your mindset

Once you have successfully released yourself from the grip of your emotions, you can develop your entrepreneurial potential. This can be summed up in one word: mindset. State of mind. The one who makes you triumph over difficulties, bounce back, succeed.

Determinationpatienceclairvoyanceoptimism, all these skills cannot be learned in a day. They require work on oneself which is not easy when one is alone. An outside view is essential for adopt new perspectives and get out of your comfort zone.

Better manage your entrepreneurial time

Stress management requires awareness of: you have the right to make time for yourself.

Your time is also precious than anyone else's. Certainly you have responsibilities as a business owner. You must be exemplary in front of your collaborators. But why become independent if you let your business take over?

Stress finds an ideal playground in this paradox!

This is why I devote time (precisely 😉) in my coaching to this essential question. And I help my clients to rethink and reorganize their business so that it is at their service ... and not the other way around.

gestion du temps de l'entrepreneur

The value of coaching for managing entrepreneurial stress

Stress is a phenomenon that feeds on your emotions. However, emotions are instinctive responses to situations. They are not easy to control. And it's even more difficult if these emotions are linked to cognitive biases.

For example, you might say to yourself that you MUST devote 12 hours a day to your business, that's okay and too bad for you if you get frustrated, tired and discouraged.

An outside perspective is therefore very precious to get out of these destructive patterns.

My coaching offer tackles stress from the bottom up.

  • I offer stress management exercises : awarenessbreathing, various stress and emotional management techniques.
  • I establish with you action plans intended to gently and surely free you from the stress that is undermining you.
  • My program also includes stress management workshops.

Work on stress and the mind is an essential prerequisite for any good entrepreneurial management. It then becomes much easier to tackle technical issues and develop a winning strategy for your business!

You too, free yourself from the stress of the entrepreneur. Discover my coaching offer!

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