How many hours do you devote to your business each day?

Do you work in the evening?

Do you work on weekends?

For what results?

Do you think you could do better in less time ?

What if I told you that, yes, it is possible? And that it is even recommended for the sustainability of your business ?

I am work organization coach for business leaders and specialized in entrepreneur time management. I suggest you take back control of your timetable… And over your entire life, whether personal or professional!

Business owner: what value for YOUR time?

71 % of contractors work on Saturdays. 38 % in the evening. 31 % on Sunday.

Why ? Is this work essential? As a business owner, do you have to check your emails at midnight or work on your accounts at the weekend?

In reality, it is a figment of the mind. You feel compelled to do it. The challenges, your responsibilities as a manager, the multitude of tasks you assume (especially if you are at the head of a VSE), the entrepreneur stress that goes with…

Everything inspires you to do more. Always more.

The French TPE bosses seem particularly concerned by this time management problem.

However, working more does not necessarily add more value to your business. Nor more productivity. An overworked, hyper-stressed boss is not an inspirational guide for a business. A leader who is frustrated at never seeing his family cannot take calm decisions that are relevant to his business.

When the'schedule of the entrepreneur cracks because it's too full it's time to take a break and lighten it up!

Don't beat yourself up. Your time is as valuable as that of others. You will have the right to take advantage of it. You have the right to take a job.

Time management of the business owner: a story of priorities

As an entrepreneur, I too suffered the time pressure on my daily life. I have more than once spent evenings and weekends with my nose in numbers. When I started, my entrepreneurial journey was not a model in terms of working time! I have been as anxious and involved a business owner as you are.

Then I discovered the personal development. Involved, I still am, more than ever. Anxious, not at all.

The solution ? Thelearning a new way to manage time and priorities. To get out of the downward spiral, you must:

  • change your look on the value of his time;
  • redefine your priorities ;
  • reorganize your time on a personal and professional level.

This requires work on different axes, which I propose to you in my offer of individual coaching related to time management :

  • Psychological work, by developing a new mindset.
  • Organizational work, by building a new working environment and the establishment of new habits.

Theautomating and the delegation of tasks occupy a central place in this new approach. No, that doesn't mean you're losing your hand! You just take more height on things.

Entrepreneur's time management: the entire company concerned

The time management in business is not the only business of the leader. Employees and partners are also concerned. It is in fact the whole ecosystem that must be taken into account.

In my offer of time and priority management training, I suggest you observe the problem globally. The reorganization of tasks within the company is effected at two levels.

  • A work on the corporate communication. This must be effective. Information must flow smoothly and clearly. On the one hand, this avoids wasted time linked to misunderstandings between employees. On the other hand, we generate a more serene, more confident and therefore more productive working climate.
  • A work ofautomating and of delegation of tasks. As I told you above, it is the key to good time management at work. As a leader, you need to devote your time to leadership and your expertise.

Some tasks are mechanical and of low added value. You have to automate them.

Some tasks are very important, but you do not have the skills to handle them effectively (accounting, marketing, website creation and management, etc.). You have to delegate them.

Delegating and automating doesn't make you a bad boss. This is the mark of a wise business leader, who knows how to recognize and use the right tools and skills where they are found. With one goal: the sustainability of the company, for you and for all your employees.

The interest of time management and priority management coaching for entrepreneurs

It is difficult to get rid of some stubborn mental patterns. For example, the one that prompts you to open your mailbox on Sunday at 10:00 a.m. when you had decided to decompress all day. Or the one who whispers in your ear that you absolutely must check the quote drawn up by one of your employees on Monday evening at 10 p.m. I know what it's like to have my head in the handlebars. 😉

It is in this kind of case thatan outside look is essential.

The objectivity and expertise of a personal and professional organization coach are valuable to a business owner. Unlike you, he is not influenced by the importance of the issues in place and by the emotional side attached to them. He sees the contractor time management issues with more lucidity and helps you to perceive them in your turn.

With it, you build a new time management for the company and for yourself, in confidence.

My method of time and priority management at work for entrepreneurs is the following :

  • work on the mindset, with learning the stress and emotional management ;
  • focus work : decryption of the work environment and lifestyle;
  • implementation of new time management methods and overall organization of the company;
  • work on corporate communication : communication analysis, proposal of new methodologies;
  • help in process automation : analysis of business prcess, proposal of automation tools and methodologies.

To build all this, I offer you tools for monitoring the evolution of time management in business : excel tables, planning and organization tools, etc. I also give you exercises that help you to develop your concentration to devote yourself to each task fully, without wasting your energy in several directions at the same time.

Do you want to take charge of managing the time devoted to your business? Do you want to transform your daily life? Discover my offer of coach in business organization and time management !

Image credits: Gerd Altmann – ThePixelman – Tumisu