Fédérer vos collaborateurs : 3 fondamentaux, 4 outils et une bonne dose de leadership !

Unite your employees: 3 fundamentals, 4 tools and a good dose of leadership!

The management of your employees problematic for you? Do you have difficulty mobilizing them around issues that seem important to you?

As TPE manager, you assume the function of manager when you have never been trained in this. This part of your business is perhaps the one you dread the most!

Do not panic ! With the 3 principles and the 4 tools that I offer you, unite employees around a business project will become easier and even rewarding. The key: method, listening and working on your leadership.

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The 3 fundamentals to unite a team

Give your employees a course

As a business owner, you have a roadmap which details your objectives, your means and your actions. Share it with your employees! They need to know where they are going to all row in the same direction. Be transparent.

In addition, your employees can be a force for proposals when they know the ins and outs of your entrepreneurial strategy.

Build a positive work environment

It's much easier to unite employees if they feel good about your business and enjoy being there.

It goes throughlisten, open-mindedness, good conflict management… In short, time devoted to each.

Train employees in action

The goals are clear, everyone gets along well, harmony reigns ... It's time to take action !

It's up to you to check that each action of your strategy has been entrusted to someone and that milestones have been laid for measure progress in achieving the goal.

It's also up to you to leave enough space for your employees to take initiatives if necessary. It's not that obvious. We may have cleared the land, the fear of failure or error sometimes restricts the best wishes.

Uniting your team is therefore also valuing employees even when they fail or get it wrong. Maybe even put in place a system of transversal management ?

And why not transversal management?

4 tools to unite a team in your company

Concretely, how to unite the actors around a project? I offer you 4 team animation tools to put in place occasionally or more definitely in your company.

2 tools to motivate a team

How to unite employees around a business project if they come to work the ball in the foot? Have attention for them and develop that attention among the employees themselves.

  • The team weather forecast. At the start of the day, allow time for everyone to say how they are feeling. You can use the principle of the child's calendar, with the symbols that symbolize the mood (the sun if you are fishing, the cloud if you are not feeling very fit, etc.).
  • Words of politeness. A smile, a "thank you", a "sorry" can change everything. Allow time at each meeting for a little kindness. Everyone will thank you.

These courtesy practices at work seem a little "simplistic" to you? You will be amazed at their power!

2 team coordination tools

Uniting a team around a common project is also coordinate its actions. For that, I suggest two practices.

  • Short, but regular exchange points. No meetings that drag on and go around in circles. Just a quarter of an hour, preferably standing. Everyone recaps what they have done, where they stand, the problems they have encountered and what they plan to do. (Adaptable for teleworking as well.)
  • Visual management. This is the good old method of the table divided into three columns: "to do" / "in progress" / "finished". Each employee advances colored post-it notes in the columns as they progress towards the goal. Each post-it indicates a task and the name of the person responsible for it. Of course, you can also use an online alternative, but the advantage of the board is that it allows meeting and discussion.

1 essential to unite employees around a business project: leadership

You can use all the methods in the world to unite your employees. But good management is above all a story of leadership. As they say, it has to "match" with the employees. That they want to go and work with and for you because you have been able to create the trust, pleasure andemulation.

To get there, you yourself need to feel that confidence and pleasure in your business. Is this the case now? Do you have the right one mindset ?

If you want to unite all the elements of your company around a project, perhaps the first person to mobilize, it's you ?

It is your leadership that makes your employees want to mobilize around your projects.

As entrepreneur coach, I support you on different levels in the management of your employees.

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