Suis-je fait.e pour être ?

Am I made to be an entrepreneur?

The perception of entrepreneurship varies greatly from one person to another. For some, it is a frightening stranger, without a safeguard. Quite the opposite of salaried (a priori) stable and immutable. For others, starting a business is throwing yourself into a void, yes, but to experience the intoxication of freedom. Not everyone wants to bungee jumping! And you ? If you are reading this article, it might be because you have a entrepreneurship project : are its advantages and disadvantages quite clear to you? Are you made to be an entrepreneur? What are the advantages and disadvantages of starting a business ?

The disadvantages of entrepreneurship


You must know take risks when you're an entrepreneur.
The risks of entrepreneurship are inherent in creation. Some sacrifices are sometimes necessary, for example reducing your lifestyle until you can get paid. Sometimes it takes one to three years before you can pay yourself a salary.
The risks do not end with business creation. Even when you have perpetuated your activity, you can face unforeseen circumstances (Hello Coronavirus!). Entrepreneurship is a constant force to bounce back and step out of your comfort zone. It's tough… but it's also rewarding (just like bungee jumping!).

Time and responsibilities

You manage your agenda however you want ... but the notion of time is diffuse in entrepreneurship, because you cannot really distinguish between professional and private life. You may find yourself dealing with an emergency problem on a Sunday night at 10 p.m., because it's your responsibility (and it's your marbles that are at stake!). In addition, in entrepreneurship, all your tasks are not remunerated. Commercial prospecting and invoicing, for example.


You are the captain alone at the helm… Entrepreneurship can create a certain isolation. You may be thinking to yourself: “Owl! No more boss and, in addition, more colleagues! ". In fact, this can be overwhelming even for the most lonely.

We must make a analysis of these risks when embarking on business creation. This is also one of the reasons why it is useful to opt for a entrepreneurship support : its advantages and disadvantages are easier to take into account with the help of an expert in business creation.

The benefits of entrepreneurship


That's allinterest of entrepreneurship : be your own boss! You choose your hours. The people you work with. Your priorities. Yes, you have to work a lot, especially at the beginning, to emerge in the middle of your competitors… But to your way. No one above you in the hierarchy tells you to come at such and such an hour to work on such and such a file when you would find it more relevant to concentrate on such another. It's up to you ! Of course, you take responsibility for it… and the benefits.

Financial independence

I do not promise you that you will become a millionaire. On the other hand, achieving financial independence and ease is not an unattainable sweet dream. Your income can grow faster than in salaried employment. From month to month, they can vary a lot, and not just in a bad way. Some self-employed people see their income multiplied by two or three (or even more) compared to their initial salary. In the field of entrepreneurship, there are great successes. This is not a myth, although it does require work.

A sense of accomplishment

When you become a business leader, you have to get your hands dirty and you acquire multiple skills. We learn about accounting. We learn to sell ourselves (and, therefore, we are "obliged" to develop a better self-image). You learn a lot about human psychology by rubbing shoulders with marketing and human resources. Even if we don't like everything we do, we develop a deep sense of accomplishment. Your business is your personal work, the result of your efforts and your dreams.

Avantages de l'entreprise individuelle

Entrepreneurship: its advantages and disadvantages according to the chosen status

  • Sole proprietorship has several advantages. Administratively, it is very easy to create: a simple file to send to the Business Formality Center is sufficient. No statutes. However, your personal property is not protected in the event of difficulties.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of a company are also to be known. The big advantage: your heritage is protected. On the other hand, the functioning is more rigid, it is necessary to write statutes and the creation costs can be heavy.

There are variations in each of these categories. Study them to know their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Did this little guide on the disadvantages and advantages of starting a business help you to see more clearly? Your temperament will allow you to approach them differently, but it's mostly a question of mindset, and this one is cultivated! I remain at your disposal by phone if you need a personalized return !

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