Dirigeant d’entreprise : quelles sont vos difficultés ?

Business owner: what are your difficulties?

The difficulties encountered by entrepreneurs ? It's hard to escape it, whether you're a very young entrepreneur or an experienced manager! Entrepreneurial life is not a long quiet river.

Lack of clients, tight cash flow, problems of management, mindset at half mast ... You know all that.

The good news is, it doesn't have to be. You don't have to endure. Easier said than done ? I will give you some ideas to navigate between the 6 pitfalls that “spoil” the life of business leaders!

1. The lack of customers, the leader's fear

Find clients, it is the Arlésienne for many leaders. Building up a sufficiently well-stocked customer portfolio is a real difficulty encountered by both SMEs and VSEs. This requires building a Marketing strategy. However, I see it every day in my work as a coach, many business leaders do not have a clear action plan. They are groping and without follow-up.

What I recommend:

  • Clearly define your target customer. It is almost impossible to find clients for your business when you don't know who you are talking to. Find the people who NEED you and your services.
  • Choose smart your media and your prospecting locations.
  • Bet on indirect prospecting with a content strategy on the web, the word of mouth and the development of your professional network.

2. Cash flow management or the art of the big gap between inflows and outflows

Ah! Cash ! A real problem for young and old entrepreneurs. Enter here management of suppliers and partners and sometimes bad debtors, it quickly becomes a puzzle.

When your business is growing, it does not necessarily get better: you have to juggle with other temporalities, other perspectives, including financial… And your cash flow does not like that!

What I recommend:

  • Carefully assess your working capital requirement. This allows you to anticipate cash flow problems in the short term.
  • Be firm with your customers on deadlines. You may have the impression that without them everything will fall apart. In fact, what you offer deserves consideration and respect.
  • With a table showing cash flows and regular financial analysis of your business, you will know where you are at all times. You can then establish forecast and make measured decisions.

3. Recruitment of competent staff, one of the major difficulties encountered by entrepreneurs

The choice of collaborators is a real problem for entrepreneurs.

On the one hand, you need have skills and mastery of new technologies that you don't always own yourself. As I often say, you don't have four arms. This may be the recruitment of commercial, of IT staff, etc.

On the other hand, the problems of recruiting in companies give the leader a cold sweat. It is important not to make mistakes when hiring. The risks: a lack of motivation and / or skills and, finally, a turnover that hurts everyone.

What I recommend:

  • Build on your corporate culture. Does your business emphasize ethics, responsiveness, innovation, etc. ? The people you recruit must have the same corporate values that you.
  • Stay focused on your skills needs. Do not let yourself be "seduced" by a profile if it does not correspond to it. Unless, of course, you are looking for training, recruiting an intern with a contract for example.
  • Highlight your strengths… for attract talent ! The employer must also convince the candidate!
Recruiting an employee is a source of anxiety for managers. Put the odds on your side during this process!

4. Management problems, testing corporate communication

If recruitment is a problem, it is because the management The following is one of the great difficulties encountered by new managers like you. In fact, in very small businesses, it is generally the manager who takes care of human resources and conflict management.

What I recommend:

  • Refocus on your employees. Do you spend enough time explaining your goals and expectations to them? An example of a management problem is that sometimes… there is no real management.
  • Listen. You have your outlook as a leader. Your employees have theirs, which can be very rich for you. The difficulties encountered by entrepreneurs are amplified by those of employees, so this must be taken into account.
  • What if you change your management style ? I suggest you take an interest in transversal management or cooperatif. Perhaps it is the solution to your management and personnel management problem?

5. The manager's work overload, a real scourge

As a business manager coach, I identify the work overload as the main problem of entrepreneurs. Why ? Because everyone else depends on it more or less directly.

A bad management of time impacts your commercial prospecting, the management of your teams and the availability of mind you need to check your accounts. Of course, the previous four problems are real in themselves. But you have a much harder time solving them when you're overwhelmed.

What I recommend:

  • Review your business organization. Automation of tasks, delegation, communication : see where your TPE can gain flexibility to save you time.
  • Rediscover the value of your time. It is valuable and you have the right to enjoy it outside of work. To break down the mental barriers that force you to do more and more, entrepreneurial support is often essential.

6. Is the loneliness of the entrepreneur a curse?

Loneliness in the face of responsibilities, doubts about the decisions to be made, stress and depressed… So many obstacles that the entrepreneur encounters in his daily life. They prevent him from enjoying the benefits of entrepreneurship: freedom of action, the feeling of recognition and accomplishment ...

What I recommend:

Don't be left alone. Simply. Do not adopt this horrible quote on the loneliness of the entrepreneur, signed Carl Icahn: "You will learn that in business ... if you want a friend, take a dog." "

No ! Meet your peers in the trade shows. Join networks. Continue to train you and to train your employees to discuss issues with them. Do you accompany by a coach which will help you overcome the loneliness of the leader and deal with all the other difficulties faced by entrepreneurs.

There are solutions to these difficulties, whether they are very material (lack of clients, cash flow, etc.) or more psychological (isolation, stress in the face of a lack of time, human relations, etc.). I offer you my expertise, based on the one hand onhuman element (the mindset, the management) and thebusiness organization (the business and entrepreneurial strategy). Contact me for a first appointment free !

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