Votre mindset : votre moteur pour avancer !

Your mindset: your engine to move forward!

10 key tips to develop your mind

Do you know what the successful entrepreneurs ?
Their mindset.

It is their engine, their fuel, the source of their energy and their success.

In a previous article, I already told you about entrepreneur mindset. What is the mindset? And what is a good state of mind for a business owner ?

Today, I want to talk about methods that allow you to develop your mindset. We'll talk personal development, self-confidence, lifestyle, subjects that fascinate me and which, I'm sure, also interest you.

Here is 10 very effective tips that will transform your mind into a motor for your business !

1. Plan your entrepreneurial days

How to improve your state of mind?

It starts by sorting out your daily actions, prioritizing and scheduling them.

Said like that, it's a little stiff. But run a business asks for clarity of mind. If you have your head in the handlebars all the time and you no longer know where you are going, you risk developing the famous entrepreneur stress. Maybe this one has already caught up with you?

For good manage your time, adopt a certain regularity in your days. I'm not asking you to get up at 6:00 am every day. 😉 You may be more of the evening and you have to respect your internal biological rhythm. Just set a daily schedule, not too busy, with one or two priority actions. And stick to it.

Action # 1: Make a list of everything you do or try to do each day ... and ask yourself how many arms you have. 😉

2. Adopt entrepreneurial rituals

The lifestyle of an entrepreneur needs structures. He is under a lot of pressure and has to face big stakes… and he is alone in facing the responsibility for his actions.

The rituals that business leaders practice every day provide them with essential anchoring.

It can be meditation, yoga, stretching, jogging, reading, writing… The list is endless. What matters is that it gives you a space of freedom outside of your business and a time to meet with yourself.

Action n ° 2: establish a time in the day that will be yours, whatever the day's emergencies, and fill it with an activity that brings you calm.

3. Cultivate a positive entrepreneurial mindset

This advice may sound a bit theoretical and even smoky to you. Of course you have to be positive when you are an entrepreneur. It is capital! But how do you do when bad news dominates the horizon?

To develop your mindset, you have to change your perspective. And that can start with two simple little things.

  • Cast out negative formulas of your vocabulary. In fact, stop using negations! Don't say, “I'm exhausted. Say, "I need to rest"… and go take a nap!
  • Observe your surroundings. This one has a huge impact on your mindset. Do the people you hang out with the most tend to bitch, to complain, to see life in black, to devalue others? Of course, I am not asking you to divorce or change friends. 😉 Just note these possible interferences… to short-circuit them.

Action n ° 3: stop starting your sentences with “I don't…”!

4. Engage in mindfulness meditation

Maybe you already do, and that's awesome!

If this is not the case, I invite you to try the experience: you will see, it changes the (vision of) life. Meditation helps attract the positive and to develop self-esteem. Many business leaders and entrepreneurs practice it.

If that's really not your thing, whether it sounds too wacky or new age to you, that's okay. The most important thing in meditation is the breathing. So give yourself breaks during the day. Close your eyes and breathe. Slowly, deeply and steadily. Breathing is a powerful tool for improve your mindset.

Action n ° 4: schedule a daily five-minute session during which you will only breathe.

développer le mindset avec la méditation

5. Play sports

You already know how good sport is for the mind as well as the body.

For an entrepreneur, sport can be a ritual, like meditation. I really advise you to exercise regularly. For my part, I love sports that connect me to nature (mountain biking, diving, hiking).

If you are not athletic, you can take long walks with your children.

Action n ° 5: think about the sport that you have wanted to (re) do for a long time and immediately write down in your diary a time slot reserved for this activity. And not in six months, in the coming week!

6. Practice the small paper method to develop your mindset

A positive mindset is a real fuel for entrepreneurs. And the best way to develop your mind towards more optimism is to showcase your successes and its satisfactions.

The small papers method is used for that.

Every night, take three little pieces of paper and write down three things that happened during the day that brought you joy or the pride. If you can't see anything, search. There is always something, believe me. Even a tiny happiness, like a quick thank you from a customer or the satisfaction of having mastered complicated software.

This method teaches you to find satisfaction where it is found. Coupled with a great ambition and to a smart development strategy, it really has surprising results!

Action # 6: Take a piece of paper right now and find three things that will bring joy or pride in the last 24 hours. Do it, really!

7. Understand failures and celebrate successes

For develop your business, we must of course have clear objectives. Each of these corporate goals is measured with indicators (SMART goals, etc.). The monitoring of key performance indicators allows you to know your successes and failures and bounce back.

It is therefore important that you have established your entrepreneur goals and that you have a dashboard of commercial performance indicators and others.

See chess as a source of instruction. You never learn to bike better than when you fall from the saddle!

And celebrate successes with all your employees. Be proud of it! They also deserve to appear on your little papers. 😉

Action n ° 7: Think about your last success and visualize the pleasure felt on this occasion. There will be more!

8. Get out of your comfort zone

How to have a good mindset? It also goes through the risk taking !

This advice is perhaps the most difficult to apply. We do not like get out of our comfort zone. Our reptilian brain does everything to keep us safe and warns us of (perceived) dangers. It's an obstacle when you want to develop your mindset.

“Getting out of your comfort zone means being an actor in your life. To stay there is to be a spectator. "

This quote from Nanan Akassimandou says a lot about what characterizes the entrepreneur mindset. The mindset is an engine that drives us forward. The paths taken are sometimes steep, muddy, silted up. Only a powerful engine can overcome these obstacles.

Action n ° 8: Call your dream prospect, the one to whom you may have discreetly sent a message that got lost in the back of his mailbox. Or any other action that tempts you but has scared you for some time!

9. Continuous training

Personally, I always love to learn more. And you ?

The taste of learning and the curiosity are two determining elements in the mindset of an entrepreneur. They help us to be innovative, forces of proposals, always "in the game" in our sector of activity.

This is why I always advise you to train yourself continuously. Either way, you pay for training as an entrepreneur, so you might as well take advantage!

Action n ° 9: check the amount to which you are entitled to cover training as a business manager. What would you like to learn this year?

10. To be accompanied

Entrepreneurs who are successful in their business have the right mindset. They knew develop self-confidence and leadership.

But, what we don't always realize is that they are not alone. There is always a team behind them. There are family and friends who support them. There is also very often a mentor.

It is capital. Theisolation is a rut that can block even the most combative of leaders indefinitely.

Surround yourself with loved ones who will support you emotionally. And call on entrepreneurial support professionals to help you technically in the development of your business. 😉

coach pour apprendre à développer son mindset

Where are you with the mindset? Is your mind strong enough to take you across the desert?

You may sometimes feel tired, worried, stressed and vulnerable. I reassure you right away: you are not an isolated case. Many business leaders do not take this step.

Theentrepreneur support is made for that too. Develop your mindset. Coaching is not just technical expertise in business management. It is also and above all a personal development method which leads you to take on your leadership role in all its facets. Serenely, with dynamism, conviction and confidence.

My method of entrepreneurial coach is centered on the mindset. Discover it!

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