The death of the entrepreneur has a name: isolation.

Ernesto Sirolli

Once upon a time, a young entrepreneur. Following a social plan, he creates his company. In his head, it is clear: he no longer wants to suffer redundancy. He wishes be free, without a boss, and gain financial independence.

He therefore sets out on his own, without an overall vision, without a clear strategy, neither of development, nor of prospecting.

He worked hard for many months. He gives everything he has: his energy, his time, his resources.

Two years later, he ended his activity. It did not work.

This entrepreneur is me. Me, twenty years ago.

This failure, I want to avoid it for you. And lead you down the path of a flourishing business thanks to entrepreneur coaching !

The needs of an entrepreneur

You are a passionate and dedicated business leader, I am sure. You have invested a lot in building your business, like me a long time ago. Time. Silver. Energy. And yet you sometimes notice gaps in your activity.

besoins de l'entrepreneur
  • A difficulty for you project into the future and to adapt your business and your offer to changes.
  • A feeling of deception in your business development - A blockage in the act of selling yourself
  • Impotence in the management of your employees - A lack of managerial skills.
  • An inability to manage your time as you wish - A feeling of letting your business devour you.

Be an entrepreneur, it's quite a job, and yet we don't teach you it at school.

What if it is? If a entrepreneurship professional would simply come to you and go over your difficulties and doubts point by point to explain how to overcome them?

Many successful entrepreneurs talk about their mentor and the invaluable influence they have had in their business. Thanks to them, they were able to grow their project and take them to heights never hoped for. I myself have been mentoring for many years.

business coach for entrepreneurs is a mentor. It's up to you to find yours!

The benefits of coaching for entrepreneurs

A entrepreneurial coach is a business management professional. He has gone through all the stages that you have and will go through. He knows your difficulties, your doubts, your needs.

→ With him, you save time : he goes straight to the point and offers you solutions that work and that he has already experienced himself.

A good coach is a pedagogue. He listens and has intuition. He enjoys interacting with others and helping them to fulfill themselves. He doesn't give you lessons; it tells you why you fail and how solve your problems.

→ With him, you feel confident : you engage in a process of transformation with determination and ease.

coach entrepreneurial

I have these two essential characteristics.

  • I worked for twenty years at the large project management in which I took care of all the day-to-day tasks of an entrepreneur, from strategy to prospecting through management.
  • I own a professional coach certification. Mainly, I have a passion for personal development and for people. This has led me to carry out many mentorships since 2005.

My entrepreneurial coaching methodology in 5 points

Méthodologie entrepreneur contextualiser

→ You need clarity about your current situation. What works? What is working less well? What are your expectations, your Goals, your vision ? We define all these points together. They are essential for establishing an action plan!

→ Why are some things not working? Why can't you find clients when you have real skills? At this point, we define what are your obstacles. Are they technical (poor prospecting, poor business organization, etc.) or psychological (blockages, entrepreneur stress, lack of mindset)? Once the difficulties identified, we have all the keys in hand to move forward!

→ It's time to step up a gear. We establish a personalized action plan which will help you take a new course. It is especially at this stage that I give you the keys to save time and freedom of action thanks to intelligent automation and delegation. You will be surprised to find that you have so much more time than you could imagine!

→ No question of giving up new habits! This is the time to stay vigilant, because some old reflexes can come back at a gallop. We periodically check together that you are still on track. We also make sure that theestablishment of the new organization is done harmoniously for all elements of your business.
We monitor together the evolution of the indicators in order to verify the results of the coaching.

Set up a NOTew mindset
→ A good business coach is not only interested in the technical aspect of your business. Your state of mind, your mindset is critical to truly transforming the trial and sustaining changes over time. My approach to coaching through personal development takes into account all psychological and physiological factors. Because an entrepreneurial coach must also think about your well-being !

Your entrepreneurial coaching: when, where and how?

The duration

I accompany you during 6 months.

  • We talk to each other orally every 2 weeks to take stock of your situation and establish new actions. These sessions can be saved so that you can reuse them later.
  • I am standing at your disposal by email between sessions to answer all your questions and advise you.
  • If you need further support, we can study the possibility of a intensive entrepreneur coaching.

The tools

I put at your disposal a online formation with template documents, Excel files, case studies, tutorials, various tools and methodologies. We use these tools in some of our interviews.


  • The training part of the business coach is done online. All documents are accessible as soon as you need them in the establishment and then in the implementation of the action plan.
  • The coach is also done online during our interviews, twice a month. I favor videoconferences, because they allow a higher quality of exchanges. However, we can also chat by phone if you wish it.
  • You can also ask me for face-to-face meetings.

I provide coaching for entrepreneurs everywhere in France and in the Francophonie !

Thanks to the online coach, you can call on me from any French-speaking region! I do not have no geographical limit.

If you live in Cannes, in the Pays de Lérins (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur), I will be happy to meet you for our entrepreneurship coaching sessions. 😉


Professional :

  • Optimization working methods
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • New outlook for the future (future and near)

But also personal!

  • Lifting of psychological blockages
  • Etablishing of new lifestyle
  • Decrease in stress
  • Valuation and increase of free time

According to one PricewaterhouseCoopers network survey, specializing in auditing and business consulting,


  • 81 % of coached clients declare themselves satisfied or very satisfied;
  • the average return on investment of entrepreneurial coaching is 5.7 times its amount
  • 96% say they are ready to repeat the experience.

Many improvements are noted by the people accompanied:

  • the productivity : for 53% managers,
  • the performance of the organization: 48%,
  • customer service : 39%,
  • increased results : 42%,
  • life balance : 48%,
  • the working relationshipl with the manager: 70%,
  • the teamwork : 70%,
  • managerial skills : 70%.

PS: the first interview is completely FREE !

In addition, you can finance your coaching with the help of your OPCO! My coaching offer is also fundable for employees with

All my support is offered under guarantees because I believe that it is not up to the client alone to take all the risks. 😉

If you get past that feeling of fear, that feeling of risk taking, really amazing things can happen.


I had the chance to be accompanied by Fabrice at a very important turn in my career. Indeed, the job of a business owner is not easy and we tend to rush headlong without gaining height. This awareness logically led me towards the path of coaching and it was a very pleasant experience which allowed me to really structure my approach in order to reach a well-defined goal. I am proud today to have achieved the objective set with the help of Fabrice who helped me define the milestones. Other goals await me and I will not fail to call on my favorite coach.
Self-building can be a long and complex road without proper support. In this context, it may be useful to have a guide with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve your goals. This is all the usefulness of a coach like Fabrice: he will provide you with the framework and the method allowing you to make your desires a reality. It has been a real pleasure to work with him and I really felt the effectiveness of his approach, session after session. The first step is always the most difficult to take, but you never regret taking it, so don't hesitate.
I was accompanied by Fabrice, who was able to help me with certain strategic decisions. When I started my business I was in the oven and in the mill and I had trouble prioritizing the different activities and getting organized. Fabrice played a big role in the launch of my activity. I was a little lost and Fabrice was able to help me very quickly to focus on an organization specific to my company, which allowed me to develop it in a few months. Fabrice allowed me to bring an outside perspective to my activity and the implementation of effective tools and risk analysis. I particularly liked Fabrice's involvement and availability. This is what allowed me to move forward very quickly.

PS: I am a member of the collective We Act 4 Earth, an association which aims to promote ethical business. I give him part of my turnover. By signing a coaching contract with me, you also participate in its development!

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