You are company manager, TPE or SME. You juggle between managementaccountingcommunication and marketing…. among other essential tasks.

You manage everything, all alone, and everyone depends on you. You do so much that often your timetable spills over into evenings and weekends with the family.

When you think about it, you sometimes get dizzy.

Is it inevitable? Do you have to travel alone?

Without any support?

The entrepreneur coach, have you thought about it?

Entrepreneur coaching: what is the interest for you?

The myth of the superhero entrepreneur

You've started your business and you're pretty much doing it. You are tired, you often doubt, you may be discouraged… but you tell yourself that this is normal. Let all entrepreneurs feel that way. No ?

Yes, it is true, many leaders of TPE experience this feeling of fatigue, close to exhaustion. But that doesn't mean it's normal!

The myth of the entrepreneur who is obliged to live his activity in the stress and the work overload permanent is a stubborn cliché. We must fight it. I experienced this during my first business creation. Constant voltage, physical and moral exhaustion, total discouragement and finally cessation of activity: a real downfall!

At the time, I would have liked to have received help from a coach for business owner.

The advantages of coaching for the entrepreneur

Being guided, advised and supported is a powerful asset for a leader. Most self-made man have had a mentor. It is not a person who does things for you. She's someone who gives you the strength to do the things you care about yourself.

You need a mentor, but in the end you just need to believe in yourself.

Diana ross

And that's what the mentor and the coach bring. The self-confidence, to move forward in autonomy.

The numbers speak for themselves. According to one PricewaterhouseCoopers network survey, the average return on investment of entrepreneurship coaching is 5.7 times the amount invested. Business leaders note in particular:

  • an improvement in their life balance ;
  • an increase in performance and some job satisfaction ;
  • an increase in their productivity.

My vision of a business coach for an entrepreneur

Thelife balance without sacrificing the customer satisfaction : these are my priorities.

And these two requirements are perfectly compatible. They even go very well together!

I see the entrepreneur coach as a life coach. Separating the professional from the personal is absurd in today's hyper-connected world. Especially in a business executive who is overwhelmed by notifications of all kinds.

You never leave your job at the office. This is the problem, moreover. Your business invades everything and is even found at the breakfast table and in the marital bed!

This is why, more than professional coaching, I offer you a personal development coaching specifically adapted to the problems encountered by business leaders.

The goal: a daily transformation thanks to :

  • the lifting of psychological blockages ;
  • the establishment of new perspectives and of new habits ;
  • optimization ofagenda and work methods.

To finally :

  • less of stress ;
  • more than time ;
  • more than customer satisfaction.

Your personal coaching: my areas of intervention

I propose a coaching offer adapted to your personal business manager issues.

My entrepreneurship experience is very large. It allows me to help you with absolutely every aspect of your business.

My approach as a coach for women and men entrepreneurs is human-centered. This is why my offer focuses on three essential points for me.

coaching stress entrepreneur

The mindset

Mindset is essential for a leader. My coaching brings you the self-confidence by helping you detect and resolve your psychological blockages. I follow you over time with:

  • practical information;
  • awakening exercises.

This facet of my coaching brings you more clarity and well-being in all aspects of your life. It also helps you to approach business development with more conviction and serenity.

Time management

Your time is precious. You have the right to take advantage of it. I help you to control your schedule.

On the program:process automation, but also coaching to improve your communication and eliminate the waste of time related to misunderstandings within the company.

I also bring you my expertise in management.

Stress management

Stress is an agent of moral and physical exhaustion. I give you the keys to make it an engine with:

  • exercises of awareness ;
  • action plans;
  • of breathing exercises ;
  • a protocol of sophrology in cases of overwhelming stress.

My entrepreneurial coach offer: at your service!

My coaching offer is entirely online. I am available for you without you having to travel. Seminars or working days on site can be organized on request. of You can therefore benefit from this entrepreneurial coaching from all over France, the French-speaking world as well as English-speaking and Spanish-speaking countries.

This offer is presented in two aspects:

  • interview coaching in videoconference or to phone, according to your preferences, with availability by email as soon as necessary;
  • online formation, with access to courses, methods and specific tools, adapted to your problems.

This method combines the advantages of training and those of coaching for entrepreneurs. I support you in a personalized way and at the same time you have the autonomy to move forward at your own pace on the themes you want.

I can also travel for business coaching. I animate co-development workshops which can be internal to a structure or bring together several entrepreneurs.

I own a certification of the Haute École de Coaching and I am a member of the ICF, the most important coaching federation in the world.

Contact me ! We will build together the coaching and training adapted to YOUR business!

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