Les avantages de l’accompagnement quand on entreprend

The advantages of support when you start a business

In 2019, France reached a new record with 815,300 business creations. 18 % more than in 2018! * This figure has been increasing for several years. Who says business creation, however, does not say sustainability. Some of these structures die some time later. What is the difference between those who climb to the top and those who fall into the abyss? And if theentrepreneurial support was a key success factor?
Today's young entrepreneurs have access to a pool of resources unlike any previous generations. Individual or group support, training, incubators, coaching are within reach of all creators thanks to the Web. And you ? Have you planned the safety equipment ... and the guide?

Definition: what entrepreneurial support is


Thesupport for entrepreneurs is offered by independent advisors and companies. He is speaking to :

  • businesses in creation;
  • to newly created businesses.

The goal: to help them develop their activity in the best conditions, so as to sustain it over the long term. This includes :

  • theenvironmental scan (market, customers, etc.) notably via market research;
  • the realization of a business plan (business plan and financial plan);
  • the choice of a legal and fiscal framework.

For the guide, it is not a matter of making decisions and carrying out actions alone, but of supporting the entrepreneur in these different stages. The goal is of course to bring the business creator to autonomy: he understands the important issues and gradually assumes his new status of entrepreneur under the best conditions.
The support does not stop with the actual creation of the company. It includes a follow-up during which the coach, the organization or the consulting company guides the entrepreneur in his development.


Support can take various forms. Often, the young entrepreneur needs regular maintenance over a fairly long period. This allows him to see progress and notice difficulties by providing immediate and relevant solutions.
The approach is generally multidisciplinary, since a creator needs to invest in all aspects of the business (human resources, marketing, finance, accounting, etc.). However, it can also happen that an entrepreneur decides to call on a consultant on only one aspect of his business (administrative management, digital marketing, etc.).

Why entrepreneurial support?

The entrepreneur's difficulties

Why get support to start a business?
First of all because, alone, it is more difficult to overcome obstacles. Becoming an entrepreneur is not easy. Even when you were an executive in your other professional life. A company must manage a set of increasingly numerous and complex activities. Companies can delegate, create services, call on service providers; the self-employed and small businesses do not have this possibility, at least initially. It is probably not for nothing that young companies are much more sustainable than sole proprietorships (80 % against 63 % three years after their creation).
The difficulties in starting a business are also found at the psychological level. You have to hold out, even in the face of obstacles. This requires what is called a certain mindset. The characteristics of entrepreneurship understand a certain relationship to risk, courage, a sense of responsibility, organization ...

The added value of support

A large majority of companies are created without support. However, we see that they last better when they have received this support. 64 % of companies created in 2010 without support still exist three years later. The percentage rises to 74 % in the case of companies that have received support (figures from the Ministry of the Economy and Finance). The former being much more numerous than the latter, we understand that this is in fact a huge difference in real numbers!
Thesupport for entrepreneurs is therefore not a fad ... It is a real added value for your project.

Accompagnement à la création d'entreprise
Entrepreneurial support helps you define your goals.

Forms of entrepreneurial support


The training is a form of support for business creation. For the future entrepreneur, it is about developing new knowledge and essential skills. We find :

  • general training which allows you to start your activity by studying each stage of creation one after the other;
  • specialized training courses that deal in more depth with certain aspects of entrepreneurship (finance, marketing, human resources, etc.).

Support structures for entrepreneurship

These are private or public structures that welcome and / or support companies at the planning stage or in development. We find :

  • the business incubators, which allow you to test the project before its creation;
  • the incubators, who support project leaders until launch;
  • the accelerators, which support young companies already created in their development (generally over a short period);
  • the business incubators, which are aimed at more mature businesses within the framework of a longer-term entrepreneurial support.

These support structures for business creation and development are very much targeted at start-ups and young innovative companies. Most often there is a selection at their entrance.

Other resources to become an entrepreneur

In addition to training and support structures, many successful entrepreneurs explain that they have had a mentor to whom they were able to refer and who helped them with his advice. In addition, there are many online resources : webinars, free or paid ebooks, educational tools, etc. The offer is very wide, but you have to sort it out!

Focus on entrepreneurial coaching

Training is useful, but it is seldom personalized and individual. Thesupport for entrepreneurs via nurseries, incubators, etc., is particularly effective, but the selection process has to be overcome. Places are indeed very expensive for few elected officials! Fortunately, there are two other types of support: coaching and advice.

The entrepreneurial consultant

It should not be confused with the coach. The consultant is an expert in a specialty and offers advice and support to companies already mature on a well-defined aspect (digital marketing or administrative management, for example).

The entrepreneurship coach

A business creation coach works with you on the entire process, from the project to the launch and follow-up during the first years. It's a entrepreneurial approach expert : its goal is to transform you into a confident and fulfilled entrepreneur.
It doesn't do anything for you, it just makes sure that you are able to do everything on your own, confidently and efficiently. Did you know how to walk from birth? No ! You were taught how to do it. Your parents did not constantly carry you at arm's length, they took you by the hand to climb obstacles until you could walk… and even run!

Coach entrepreneur

Beware of pseudo-coaches who promise you 10,000 followers on Facebook and a turnover of five zeros in one session and two videos! The business creation coach has a truly personalized approach that develops over the long term. Most often, he discusses your project at length with you, because he wants to identify your expectations to help you achieve them.

Entrepreneurial support is a real asset in building a sustainable business. It's up to you to choose the support method that suits you best according to your situation. If you are wondering about the entrepreneur coach, contact me for a free phone appointment.

*According to one January 2020 INSEE survey

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