Clairvoyance and life balance

Help exhausted entrepreneurs and leaders to understand and remove the blockages they are facing and to regain their well-being. Support them in definingAction plan relevant and effective so that they can exploit their potential, take strategic decisions in line with their values and their ecosystem, and flourish professionally and personally

This is the raison d'être ofOfficina Mentis.

Hello and welcome,

During my 20 years in the creation and management of businesses and entrepreneurial projects, I have found that the biggest problem entrepreneurs face is freeing up time, without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

The origins of this situation are:

❌ Lack of a clear plan.

❌ Non-optimized or even non-automated processes.

❌ An ineffective communication strategy.

So I created Officina Mentis to support entrepreneurs and business leaders by providing them with

The mindset

✅ The organization

✅ The strategy

✅ Knowledge 

✅ The tools

necessary for their development, until they reach their goals.

The expertise acquired throughout my career has led me to develop a five-step method that allows me to bring my clients the transformation they need to get out of their situation, better manage their time and flourish. .

Why five steps?

Because it is a short process, easily assimilated, and therefore easy to implement to obtain concrete results. 

With real support over time, we take the time to put things down, to analyze all the blockages that have prevented you from moving forward as you wished so far. Then we activate the levers to set up the transformation that will allow you to achieve your goals.

Practical courses, document templates, tutorials, simple and effective tools and support, are the essential elements to progress at your own pace in learning and evolving the way your business operates.

At the end of the process, you will be a new person with a new mindset and a range of tools adapted to the context in which you work.

Why work on the entrepreneur's mindset and the organization as a priority?

Because these are the first two pillars of entrepreneurial success!

The mindset allows the entrepreneur to focus, take action and persevere until you reach your goal.

Organization gives it the methodology and analysis. formidable tools to optimize your time and quantify your progress.


The idea that perfection is achieved with practice is a myth. Only perfect practice leads to perfection.


One of the fundamental elements in the development process is practice, training. The more you practice, the more confidence and control you have. This principle is true as long as we practice well!

Two other elements are also essential for progression.

Control. It allows you to validate that you are going in the right direction. Control is an essential element in any activity. With my method you know how to control, because you have the techniques and tools necessary for the efficient management of your business. We adapt them to your activity and I guide you in their use. If so, you understand why you are not having the expected results, and you know how to act to correct what is not working because you know how to effectively control your business.

The mindset is essential to accept to question yourself, but also to effectively face the problems on your way. It allows you to take a step back, to differentiate between perseverance and stubbornness, to face problems and above all to stay calm over time. The right mindset brings you to mastery of the process while protecting you from the stubbornness that leads to failure. Throughout your support, I will ensure that you can develop this essential mindset for entrepreneurshipThrough specific questioning during our sessions, I will guide you towards the openness that drives successful entrepreneurs. Different workshops and exercises that I will offer you will strengthen these skills that you will develop. You will integrate them to the point of not paying attention to the risk of failure. Your thoughts will be directed towards the solutions that will enable you to successfully cope with each situation.

So what happens when you have the right mindset, the right tools, and the right methodologies?

Your days are transformed!

Your efficiency is increased tenfold, and it is natural that you have more time. Time that you can enjoy without feeling guilty towards your customers because your business is more efficient and brings better results to your customers. Their satisfaction is improved and they become your first ambassadors.

I am a member of the ICF, so my method is in line with the coaching standards recognized by the federation.

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